The college has suitable and sufficient infrastructure to provide quality training to the prospective teachers. A brief account of class rooms, labs and administrative block is given here.

Administrative Block :-
It comprises Principal’s office, General office, reception and some other counters for day to day working.

Library :-
About 3400 books on various topics of education philosophy, psychology and other allied branches of education are placed in the library of the college, Journals, Periodicals, Magazines, Newspapers, Employment News and other leading are available in the library.

Educational Technology Lab :-
All modern projective, movable and immovable devices are available in E.T. Lab of the college OH.P, Slide Projector, Epidiascope, Charts. Maps, 3-D Models, Educational CDs, Cassettes, Radio, T.V., DVD, Tap Recorder, Camera, Binocular, and Computer etc are the main devices. Which are available in the ET Lab.

Psychological Lab :-
To measure the different factor / Traits of the students, various Tests of personality, intelligence, Attitude, Aptitude, case study interests and learning are available in Psychological laboratory of the college.

Computer Lab :-
A spacious and well equipped computer lab comprises about 20 computers, Printers, Scanners and other suitable devices, to train pupil teacher effectively.

Science Lab :-
Science Lab is enriched with the equipments of Zoology, Botany, Chemistry and Physics, which are suitable to Performa secondary level experiments in science subjects Lab is spacious safe and properly ventilated.

Class Room :-
There are two main class room of big size, where 0 students can be occupied in a room. A hall is there for multi purpose use. In this hall 100 students can sit in a time.

Sport Room & Ground :-
A sports room is full with all goods related to outdoor and indoor games-A specious and properly managed sport ground is also there to organize sport meet in the college.


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